Energy efficiency

M ENTERIJER GRADNJA devotes special attention to the energy aspect of building construction through the establishment of mechanisms that ensure a permanent reduction of energy consumption in buildings.

Like every successful construction company, we try to provide our clients with top quality service with the appropriate quality of construction, but also to respect the trends when it comes to "energy efficiency". The fact is that buildings are the largest single energy consumers. The essence is to reduce the consumption of all types of energy, that is – saving energy, which we as a company achieve by providing sustainable construction by respecting the technical measures and standards that are being insisted on during the construction phase, and to the ultimate satisfaction of the residential and commercial buildings’ users.

The key indicator of the energy efficiency of the building is the annual energy consumption reduced to the area of the residential building, and it is achieved by the appropriate selection of constructive and protective materials that we pay special attention to, as well as the measures on which it is insisted on while solving the problems of heating, preparation of hot water, cooling, ventilation and object lighting.

M Enterijer Gradnja builds high energy efficiency class buildings, an example of which is the facility in Kopaonik, a hotel from the "Viceroy" chain, where the required energy efficiency class is B.