Social Responsibility

We are a company that operates in accordance with domestic and international standards, which also imply a significant contribution to the development of society. As an inseparable part of the community, we operate as a socially responsible company.

We can make a difference in quality, so our Corporate Social Responsibility Program is designed accordingly. We want to run the business responsibly towards all the structures of society, with a primary focus on the well-being of the people around us.

Relations with the community in which we operate are the most important link in doing business, it is the credibility and trust between us and various interest groups. It helps us reduce operating costs, increase employee loyalty, motivate them to acquire new work skills, and encourage them to find innovative business modes. We strive to position ourselves in the marketplace and in this domain as a more responsible and sustainable company than our competitors are.

In addition, M ENTERIJER GRADNJA obeys the law on professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities.

Through fundraising activities, M ENTERIJER GRADNJA strives to provide assistance and support to those most in need. The company has allocated significant funds to help build churches, areas devastated by natural disasters, children and youth without parental care, the National Association Of Parents With Children With Cancer “NURDOR”, but also in the form of financial assistance for the organization of cultural and artistic events - the concert of the Artistic Ensemble “MO Stanislav Binicki” on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the artistic work of Pavle Medakovc.


We were not insensitive to catastrophic floods that hit Serbia in 2014. We are proud that we donated (completely built, according to the turnkey system) 16 residential buildings to the villages in the vicinity of Obrenovac, Ub and Pozarevac, and in this way, took care of the population affected by floods.

Construction of the first hospice center for the palliative care of terminally ill patients.

It is the most important donation in 2016 and 2017. M Enterijer Gradnja is the first construction company in Serbia to join this unique project, together with other leading companies in the country and the region.

More about the project itself and what makes it unique can be found at: ili